Quality - Traceability

Through all these years we have never questioned our decision to be 100% organic. It was our motivation and our first priority.

The fact that our site uses nothing but first hand organic materials without any GMO is an additional security.

Above all, the quality of the final product is determined by :

  • Carefully choosing our suppliers, helping them and working with the cooperative to set specific criteria for oil quality.
  • Having a quality control team on site, entirely devoted to respecting the standards and verifying everything that enters and leaves the site.
  • Grading and sampling each lot following a systematic analysis plan and rejecting any lot which does not conform to our standards.
  • The tracability of each lot, rigorously carried out and enforced with a high performing computer system that allows us to trace the finished product back to the original lot as closely as possible.
  • Market demands and the needs of our customers who push us to constantly evolve and improve our products. Thus we are already working on being able to meet the demands of future legal requirements concerning the need to reduce certain contaminants such as alcaloïdes, MOSH MOAH, etc…)
  • The certification of all of our products by ECOCERT, recognized and approved by the government. All of our suppliers are subject to inspection by quality control organizations and must systematically produce their certificate.

The choice made by our CEO to encourage and support the striving for high quality and constant improvement.

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